Jobs and the Economy

Job creation and economic growth have always been a top priority for me while serving in the United States Senate.  In order to create a healthy economy and for the private sector to flourish, I believe that it is imperative to cut wasteful government spending, simplify the tax code, and put an end to burdensome regulations.  In addition, I strongly believe in limited government principles that allow for jobs and businesses to flourish so that every American has the opportunity to succeed. America has already seen a robust economic recovery under the Trump Administration in which Congress has enacted tax reform and reduced unnecessary regulations created by big government policies. 

America’s economic engine works best when we give workers the opportunity to find new and better jobs, boost wages, and put more money in their pockets.  I believe it is essential that we continue to build on these successes and put forth conservative policies that will reduce the size and scope of the federal government, allowing every individual an opportunity to succeed.