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Repeal Health Care Reform

Obamacare is the broadest social and largest spending legislation in recent American history.  Following a year-long, titanic battle over the future of our country's health care system, we are now a decisive step closer to socialized medicine, and it is the American people who will suffer.  We could have enacted rational, incremental reforms that build upon the best health care system in the world.  Instead, the majority chose to use partisan legislative maneuvers to build more federal bureaucracy that will result in rationed care, higher taxes, and larger deficits.  This is not reform.  It is simply more government expansion and intervention in our lives. 

I have voted multiple times to repeal this deeply flawed law. You may rest assured that I will continue to support any legislation on the federal level aimed at repealing and replacing the current health care law with real reforms that cut costs and increase coverage, not expand the government's role in your life. 

This so-called "reform" bill is currently wreaking havoc on the health care sector - raising insurance premiums, health care costs, and public anxiety.  During its first ten years of full implementation (2014-2023), the new health care law will cost the American people more than $2.6 trillion, growing faster than either Medicare or private sector health care has over the past decade.  According to President Obama's own Health and Human Services' Office of the Actuary, this health care proposal will increase national health expenditures by $200 billion.  To pay for this massive expansion of government control, the bill includes nearly $570 billion in tax increases and another $523 billion in Medicare cuts, placing the burden of reform squarely on the shoulders of small businesses and the elderly.  A host of hastily, ill-conceived "reforms" have been crammed into this bill which will force some 20 million people in the middle class to lose their insurance while still leaving an estimated 23 million Americans without health insurance. 

Instead, there are steps that can be taken to reform our current health care system that would build on the strengths of our present system without adding further government bureaucracy and taxes.  By making insurance portable, expanding health savings accounts, reducing frivolous lawsuits that provide only marginal assistance to injured patients and drive up our health care costs, emphasizing preventive care, reducing administrative costs and making insurance more affordable to small business and individuals, we can efficiently decrease the costs that currently burden Americans while expanding coverage; thus, improving quality and making health care more affordable. 
By allowing the government to have a heavy hand in how we manage our health care, we are asking for a decrease in flexibility and options for both patients and doctors.  As Congress works to improve our current health care system, it is important to remember that there is a difference between government-run health care coverage and actual access to medical care.

I believe Congress should instead consider the following proposals and reforms:

• Association Health Plans – Helping small businesses find affordable health insurance options for their employees.
• Create state-based health insurance exchanges, similar to AHPs for individuals, through which private plans offer coverage meeting certain benefit and other standards. 
• Tax credits or reforms – Providing tax equity so that people who buy their own insurance receive the same tax benefits as those who get insurance through their employers.
• Expand access and eligibility for medical savings accounts, which would allow individuals to purchase high deductible coverage and self insure for costs below the threshold.
• Allow individuals and families purchasing high-deductible health plans that are less than the value of the tax credit to deposit the excess amount into a medical savings account.

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