Mar 12 2004


Senator Believes Budget Reflects Important National Priorities

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) voted in support of the fiscal year 2005 Budget Resolution. The legislation, which passed the Senate late last night by a vote of 51 - 45, reaffirms Congress’ commitment to national security, responsible discretionary spending, and preventing tax increases. Senator Shelby had the following statement regarding passage of the bill:

Sen. Shelby said, “I believe this budget reflects the priorities of the American people. This budget includes much needed funding for homeland security programs, defense spending, education initiatives, and healthcare programs. Additionally, the budget calls for the extension of tax relief that is set to expire in 2004, including the $1000 per-child tax credit and the marriage penalty relief. I believe this tax relief is a vital component of job creation and economic growth.”

“Finally, the budget reinforces our commitment to reducing our ballooning federal deficit. We must scale back this burden, and this budget reduces the deficit by over $100 billion dollars over the next year and in half by 2007. I believe this is a priority on which we must follow through,” Shelby concluded.