Jun 06 2002


U.S. Senator Richard C. Shelby (R-AL) today commented on President Bush's proposal for homeland security:

"I support the President's decision to create a cabinet level agency for Homeland Security. This position requires the authority and stature that comes with being a member of the cabinet in order to succeed in this undertaking."

"More importantly, I am pleased to see that this new agency will have one of its four divisions dedicated to the fusion and analysis of terrorist-related intelligence data from all of our intelligence sources. Currently, there is no one person or entity that sees all of this nation's terrorism-related intelligence without restriction."

"It should be our ultimate objective to create an analytical entity with the authority and responsibility to see every scrap of terrorism-related intelligence our agencies produce."

"This entity should be equipped to 'connect the dots' of terrorist activities in ways that today's agencies, with their divergent missions and separate databases are unable to do. It must have a single mission-destroying terrorists and their organizations. To execute this mission it must have the authority to act. This should include the authority to direct the efforts of our intelligence collection agencies and to direct those who would eliminate the terrorists."

"Last November, Senator Graham and I, along with members of the Intelligence Committee's Technical Advisory Group, met with Governor Ridge and urged him to create an all-source intelligence cell that will fuse, analyze and act on intelligence collected from all sources. Governor Ridge and the Administration were very receptive to this concept. I look forward to working with the Administration to make this a reality."