Jul 21 2004


U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) today applauded the decision by the Committee for Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA) to accept the safeguard petition filed by the domestic sock industry. This petition, filed by the Domestic Manufacturers Committee of the Hosiery Association, asks CITA to examine the adverse affects that low-cost Chinese sock imports have had on the domestic sock industry. Earlier this month, Senator Shelby sent a letter to Commerce Secretary Don Evans asking him to expeditiously and fairly review this petition.

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased the Committee has accepted this petition. The sock industry in Northeast Alabama has seen substantial damage as a result of unprecedented surges of imported socks. A vibrant sock industry is critical to many of our communities in Northeast Alabama, and if we continue to allow foreign socks to overrun the domestic market, it will cause irreparable harm. I believe today’s announcement is an important first step towards remedying this problem.”

Today’s decision by CITA marks the beginning of a 30 day public comment period. Following the public comment period, CITA will have 60 days to decide if it will formally agree with the domestic sock industry’s petition and establish a new quota on sock imports from China.

Ft. Payne, AL, known as the “Sock Capital of the World,” is home to more than 150 sock mills and over 6,000 jobs.