Dec 17 2002


U. S. Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), today commented on the White House’s announced plans to expand the United States’ missile defense program:

“Today’s announcement is great news for our national defense. Huntsville’s expertise in missile defense initiatives ensures that North Alabama will play a major role in our national security for many years to come,” said Shelby.

"Currently, our nation is defenseless against the threat of ballistic missile attack," said Shelby. "The use of ballistic missiles by rogue nations and terrorist groups is a very real threat. Many countries maintain nuclear arsenals capable of striking the United States. Iran and North Korea are developing and testing longer range missiles. The failure to deploy an effective national missile defense system leaves our nation vulnerable to attack and destruction."

"Rapid changes in technology and potential development of missile defense countermeasures by our adversaries require this nation to maintain its technological superiority," added Shelby. "The ballistic missile threat is clear and we must act to counter it. We cannot gamble with the lives of the American people."