Jan 04 2005


U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) was sworn-in today to a fourth term as one of Alabama’s two United States Senators. Senator Shelby made the following statement upon being sworn-in

“It is a privilege to have the opportunity to represent the people of Alabama for another six years in the United States Senate. Over the past eighteen years, it has been my priority to ensure that Alabama’s interests are represented and protected in Washington. In a fourth term, I will continue that record of service and will uphold my commitment to hold county meetings in every county every year.”

“The 109th Congress holds tremendous promise for Alabamians and all Americans. I look forward to an ambitious agenda including overhauling our antiquated tax code, moving towards energy independence, and considering the important issue of reforming Social Security. Working with President Bush, I believe we have an opportunity to make tremendous progress for our country in the coming years.”

“I am confident that the expanded Republican majority will allow the Senate to break the impasse on judicial nominations, giving qualified nominees the up or down vote they deserve so that we can fill vacancies on the federal bench.”

“Congress must also provide the necessary resources for our military as they continue to fight the war on terrorism. It is imperative that our armed forces have the best equipment and best supplies as they continue to serve so honorably in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe.”