Oct 28 2009

Shelby: Georgia’s Poor Planning Not Alabama’s Burden

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), made the following statement regarding today’s meeting with the Congressional delegations of the states of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida to discuss the Tri-State Water Dispute. 

“I am shocked at the Georgia delegation’s mischaracterization of the tri-state water wars facts.  Especially astounding is the audacity of the delegation’s presumption that Congress will reauthorize the use of Lake Lanier for Atlanta’s drinking water needs.  A thorough understanding of Judge Magnuson’s July ruling leaves no question that the three Governors can and should come to an agreement, which Congress should then ratify.  I will not allow the needs of downstream Alabama to be trampled to protect unrestricted, unauthorized, and unplanned growth in Atlanta.  Alabama and Florida cannot be expected to bear the brunt of Georgia's poor lack of planning for Atlanta's expanding drinking water use.”