Jul 19 2001


U. S. Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, announced today the Committee's approval of funding requests for several Alabama projects. The Committee approved several Alabama-related projects at the request of Senator Shelby.

Sen. Shelby said, "The money included in this legislation will go a long way towards assisting many communities in Alabama."

The following project requests, were funded by the subcommittee:

University of South Alabama, Center for Estuarine Research - $750,000
"I am pleased to announce $750,000 in funding for the Center for Estuarine Research at the University of South Alabama. The Center conducts important research on the ecology of coastal lands and seascapes in the Gulf Coast and Mobile Bay areas. This funding will allow the University of South Alabama to continue the vital ecological research it is conducting in Alabama. The knowledge gained from this research provides important scientific insights that can be used to preserve and protect coastal plants and wildlife," said Shelby.

Renovation of the Historic Green County Courthouse - $400,000
Sen. Shelby said, "The historic Green County Courthouse is an important part of Alabama's history. I am pleased that this money will be used to restore the Courthouse to its' natural beauty. This restoration effort is an important first step in the County's long-term plan for renovation of the old Courthouse Square."

Hamilton, Alabama Call Center Facility - $500,000
Sen. Shelby said, "The City of Hamilton is greatly in need of a Call Facility. Our funds will allow the city to construct the facility that will result in nearly 600 jobs for the city and surrounding area."

The American Village, Federal Hall/Liberty Square Expansion - $500,000
Sen. Shelby said, "These funds will be used for the construction of Federal Hall and the expansion of Liberty Square in Montevallo. The expansion will triple the capacity of students served by the facility to more than 150,000 per year. The educational potential of these projects is significant."

The Alabama Quail Trail - $100,000
Sen. Shelby said, "The Alabama Quail Trail project will create a "Quail Trail" to attract hunters to rural Alabama hunting areas. The untapped natural resources of these areas offer superb hunting areas for visitors. The boost that will be provided to local economies by visiting hunters is not insignificant. Once fully implemented, the Alabama Quail Trail will generate considerable economic growth in rural Alabama."

Cleveland Avenue YMCA, Montgomery, Alabama - $500,000
Sen. Shelby said, "We have included $500,000 for the Cleveland Avenue YMCA in Montgomery to expand their existing programs. This facility is a cornerstone of the community and serves an underprivileged youth population in Montgomery. The expansion of these programs will allow the YMCA to serve a greater number of young people in the area."

Housing Authority of Andalusia Bright Beginnings Project - $350,000
Sen. Shelby said, "The Andalusia Bright Beginnings Project serves a population of low-income, high-risk preschool children in the Andalusia area to ensure that they have the proper educational foundation before entering elementary school. These funds will allow the Andalusia Housing Authority to expand these educational programs and construct a new facility to accommodate a greater number of these children in their program."

Winfield, Alabama Call Center Facility - $500,000
Sen. Shelby said, "The $500,000 provided in this legislation will allow the City of Winfield to construct a Call Center facility that will result in nearly 600 jobs for the city and surrounding area."

Lovelady Building Acquisition on Historic Water Avenue, Selma, Alabama - $100,000
Sen. Shelby said, "These funds will assist the City of Selma in the protection of this historic home on Water Avenue. The acquisition of the Lovelady Building will also allow for future expansion of the St. James Hotel property."

Lakeshore Foundation Facility Expansion - $500,000
Sen. Shelby said, "Birmingham's Lakeshore Foundation serves Alabamians with disabilities through a variety of programs and services. The $500,000 we have provided will assist the Foundation in their efforts to expand their facilities to serve a greater number of individuals with physical disabilities."

Family Connection, Inc. Diversionary Program for First Time Juvenile Offenders - $150,000
Sen. Shelby said, "Family Connection, working together with the Shelby County District Court, will serve the community with the operation of a facility for first time juvenile offenders. Our funding will assist Family Connection in the construction of the facility to house this important program."

Covington County Farm Center - $300,000
Sen. Shelby said, "The Covington County Farm Center is an important part of the Community and I am pleased that the $300,000 we have provided will assist them with the construction of Phase II of the Center. This Center is an important part of the on-going economic development in Covington County."

Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Water and Wastewater Training - $700,000
Sen. Shelby said, "These funds will be used to continue the training at the Alabama Department of Environmental Management."

Alabama Water Projects
"We recognize that cities and counties are faced with many water and sewer challenges and I believe that this funding will go a long way in assisting local communities with those challenges," said Shelby.

Southwest Alabama Regional Water Authority water facility project-
Rainbow City construction of emergency response systems for the sewerage lagoons -
Grant, Alabama wastewater collection and treatment facilities -
Jackson, Alabama for water system improvements -