Sep 14 2010

Shelby Announces Defense Funding for Central and East Alabama

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), a member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, today announced subcommittee approval of important funding for Central and East Alabama included in the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2011. Following today’s action by the subcommittee, this bill will go to the full Committee for consideration.

“The funding approved by the subcommittee will support critical defense-related programs that strengthen our national security,” said Shelby.  “These programs are vital to the stability of our nation’s military infrastructure and readiness, and the subcommittee’s approval demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the safety of our citizens and the strength of our military.

Stryker - $350.9 million

The bill includes $350.9 million for the procurement of new Strykers.

“Anniston Army Depot plays a significant role in the Stryker vehicle program by building, maintaining, and upgrading the Stryker vehicle fleet,” said Shelby.  “Stryker production is a vital part of the Army's transformation effort and illustrates one of the many ways Anniston is helping to lead the Army into the future.” 

M1 Abrams Tank - $413.9 million

“Our bill includes $413 million for refurbishment of the M1 Abrams Tank,” said Shelby.  “The Abrams Tank is vital to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  These funds will ensure that the Abrams continues to be the most lethal ground combat system in existence and that our troops have the necessary protection and critical survivability capabilities essential to our current military operations.  The Abrams Tank is the backbone of our heavy forces and has been at the core of the work done at the Anniston Army Depot for many years.”

Hydra 70 Rocket - $120.6 million

These funds will be used for the procurement of additional Hydra 70 Rockets.

“Hydra 70 rockets, which are produced in the Anniston area, give military aviators critical strike capability,” said Shelby.  “The combat proven Hydra 70 is crucial to the accomplishment of suppression missions in both Afghanistan and Iraq.”