Sep 24 2004


Senate Passes FY 2005 Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill

U. S. Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, today announced Senate approval of $9 million for the State Department for worldwide weapons destruction. The FY 2005 Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill will now go to a conference committee with the House of Representatives.

Senator Shelby said, “The end of the Cold War left massive stockpiles of conventional weapons in Eastern Europe and other ex-Soviet states. The Republic of Georgia, a staunch ally in the war on terrorism, is responsible for managing and protecting a number of inherited stockpiles.”

“I am pleased the Senate recognizes the importance of this issue and has provided $9 million in the Small Arms/Light Weapons account for destruction of these weapons. I am particularly pleased that the Senate has also recommended that the State Department provide sufficient funding to secure and destroy stockpiles of Soviet-era weaponry in Georgia. I look forward to working with the State Department in the coming months to support the Georgian government’s efforts,” Shelby concluded.