Jan 10 2002


WASHINGTON, D. C.--- Sen. Shelby said, “I am deeply concerned about the pollution situation in Anniston. The health and safety of the residents of Anniston and the surrounding area are my first priority. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a legal responsibility to ensure that the law has been followed in an appropriate manner and that the citizens of the area are protected from any future contamination. I also believe that companies who create pollution and contamination should be held responsible for any clean-up efforts deemed safe and appropriate, not the American taxpayer.

As of today, my office has not received a letter from the Environmental Working Group and Community Against Pollution. However, I am contacting the EPA today to ask for an investigation into the contamination. In addition, I will ask Sen. Mikulski, Chair of the VA/HUD subcommittee which has EPA oversight, to hold hearings into this important matter.”

Sen. Shelby's Correspondence with the EPA

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