Jan 28 2003


Statement of Senator Richard C. Shelby

U.S. Senator Richard C. Shelby (R-AL) commented on President Bush’s State of the Union address before Congress:

“I share the president’s commitment to bolstering the American economy, and I support his plan for targeted tax relief. The proposals offered tonight will benefit working Americans immediately, and will also provide long term support and stimulus to the economy.”

“The President has my strong support as he works with the United Nations to resolve the threat posed by Iraq and I encourage him to do what is best for our national security interests.”

“I believe that we must ultimately take action in Iraq. Saddam Hussein has been tenacious in his pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and, unless he is removed from power, he will eventually harm our nation and our allies. Every moment we delay allows him to grow stronger.”

“Our nation’s military serve as our frontline as we take on many of the challenges facing the United States. I was pleased President Bush and our first lady chose to recognize Captain Maureen Allen of the 908th Airlift Wing at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Captain Allen has served her country with distinction as a flight nurse in combat throughout Afghanistan and Southwest Asia. Our grateful nation owes Captain Allen, and all the brave men and women who serve in the armed services, our deepest thanks and gratitude.”