Feb 13 2003


Conference Committee Approves Funding–House and Senate Scheduled to Approve Funding Soon

U. S. Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, announced important transportation funding for Tuscaloosa.

Sen. Shelby said,"I am pleased that the bill provides significant funding for several projects for Tuscaloosa. These funds reflect the our commitment to safe and efficient transportation and infrastructure."

Black Warrior Parkway/Eastern-Northern Bypass

Sen. Shelby said, "Our bill provides $20 million to construct a corridor connecting the Black Warrior Parkway Bridge with Rice Mine Road and Interstate 59. The construction of this project will improve access and improve traffic flow throughout the metropolitan Tuscaloosa area."

City of Tuscaloosa - Downtown Revitalization

Sen. Shelby said, "This legislation provides $5 million for the development and revitalization of this underutilized area of Tuscaloosa."

Bull Slough Bridge Repair

Sen. Shelby said, “Our bill includes $1 million to assist in the repairs to the Bull Slough Bridge.”

University of Alabama Fuel Cell/Electric Hybrid Research

Sen. Shelby said, “Our bill includes $1 million for the University of Alabama’s research of fuel cell and electric hybrid automobiles. This funding will allow the University to establish a comprehensive research program to conduct cutting-edge research and to educate scientists and engineers in this growing industry.”

Stillman College

Sen. Shelby said, “This legislation provides $4.5 million for the School of Education at Stillman College. The School of Education will house the Teacher Education Program and the master’s program in education. Well-trained educators will be at a premium for Alabama as well as the nation, and I am pleased our bill will assist Stillman College in their efforts to prepare and train our future teachers.”