Jul 20 2006


U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), a senior member of the Transportation, Treasury, Judiciary, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Appropriations Subcommittee, today announced funding for several projects in East Alabama included in the fiscal year 2007 Transportation, Treasury, Judiciary, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill. This bill was approved by the committee and will now go to the Senate floor for consideration.

“This bill provides funding for important projects across the state,” said Senator Shelby. “These funds reflect our commitment to safe and efficient transportation, infrastructure development, and economic growth activities throughout Alabama.”

Center of Excellence for Airliner Cabin Environment Research (ACER) –$1 million

“Auburn University is the lead partner in the Center of Excellence for Airliner Cabin Environment Research (ACER), which works to develop solutions to problems in airliner cabins,” said Senator Shelby. “From purposeful air contamination to flu pandemic concerns, the problems ACER aims to solve represent some of the most frightening issues we face in today’s air travel climate. We saw on September 11, 2001 that air travel is absolutely susceptible to terrorism, and I am proud to see Auburn University on the forefront of solving these emerging issues.”

Auburn University Airfield Pavements Research Program - $1 million

“Development and resurfacing of runways and taxiways are a major expense for our nation’s airfields,” said Senator Shelby. “Auburn’s Research will work to improve design, construction, rehabilitation, and repair of airfield pavements. A more durable and cost-effective product will increase the life of pavements and ultimately reduce cost passed on to the consumer.”

Phenix City Riverfront Redevelopment – $1 million

“Phenix City has undertaken a tremendous effort to redevelop their downtown and riverfront area in preparation for the residents they anticipate moving to the area due to the BRAC announcements,” said Senator Shelby. “When completed, this project will provide the citizens of Phenix City with a thriving waterfront full of businesses, residences and development opportunities.”

West Veterans Boulevard Extension in Auburn – $1.5 million

“Auburn continues to grow and attract new businesses in Lee County,” said Senator Shelby. “The extension of Veterans Boulevard will provide greater access to the West Technology Park and reduce congestion on the overcrowded city streets. The park is projected to create 3,400 jobs and $400 million in private investment when completed.”

Highway 431 Expansion – $1 million

“Highway 431 is a major North-South artery in East Alabama,” said Senator Shelby. “These funds will allow the State Department of Transportation to pin-point the areas in greatest need of expansion to increase safety and decrease congestion on this heavily traveled roadway.”

Chambers County Bridge Replacement –$200,000

“Hurricane Dennis caused such extensive damage to this bridge that it was considered unpassable,” said Senator Shelby. “Infrastructure is a key asset that we must work quickly to repair and replace when natural disaster occurs. The bridge replacement will ensure safe and efficient travel for the citizens of Chambers County.”

Calhoun County Commission Economic Development of Fort McClellan - $500,000

“This bill includes $500,000 for the Old Ft. McClellan Economic Development Initiative in Anniston,” said Senator Shelby. “These funds will be used to help develop a center for sustainable commerce at Fort McClellan, to create economic growth and development opportunities for the City of Anniston, Calhoun County, and Alabama.”

Cleburne County Industrial Development Park–$400,000

“Cleburne County is well placed on I-20 to develop and expand its industrial base,” said Senator Shelby. “This 220 acre park will be in a prime location to recruit a variety of business partners and bring jobs to the community.”

Alabama Association of Area Agencies on Aging– $1 million

“Many of our state’s seniors are without the resources necessary to drive to their medical visits, the grocery store, or to see family and friends,” said Senator Shelby. “The Alabama Association of Area Agencies on Aging provides the essential service of helping Alabama’s elderly get where they need to go.”

In addition, the bill provides funding for the following projects included in SAFETEA-LU, the Highway and Transit Reauthorization Bill.

Auburn Intermodal Facility - $952,000

Senator Shelby said, “This important intermodal facility will help meet the needs of the growing Auburn University community. Constructing this facility on Auburn’s campus will help the University move towards its goal of becoming a more pedestrian-friendly campus.”