Jul 12 2001


Senate Committee Passed Energy and Water Appropriations Bill

U. S. Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, announced Appropriations Committee approval of important energy and water project funding for Alabama.

Sen. Shelby said,"I am pleased that the bill provides significant funding for several projects for Alabama. This legislation reflects the Senate's commitment to protecting the waterways and energy resources in Alabama and throughout the country."

Biomass Gasification Research Center
Sen. Shelby said, "This legislation provides $3 million for the Southern Research Institute in Birmingham to accelerate the development of reliable biomass gasification technology. Biomass is a renewable energy source that can provide power and fuels with almost no net Carbon Dioxide emissions while reducing our dependence on imported oil. Gasification is the means to most efficiently convert biomass into these products. Presently, there are a number of technical hurdles that must be overcome before biomass gasification can be utilized in a cost-efficient manner and prove to be a useful fuel source. Southern Research Institute has a long history of providing rigorous and unbiased technology assessments in the energy and environmental research areas and I am confident that this endeavor will prove successful."

Alabama River below Claiborne Lock and Dam
Sen. Shelby said, "This bill provides $300,000 for improvements to the Claiborne Lock and Dam."

Baldwin County Shore Protection
Sen. Shelby said, "The continued protection of Baldwin County's shoreline is important to both the residents and business owners in the Gulf area. This bill provides $100,000 for the continued protection of the shore."

Baldwin County Watersheds
Sen. Shelby said, "This legislation provides $50,000 for the Baldwin County Watersheds."

Brewton and East Brewton
Sen. Shelby said, "This bill provides $50,000 to initiate the feasibility study for levees in Brewton and East Brewton."

Cahaba River Watershed
Sen. Shelby said, "This legislation includes $160,000 for the Army Corps of Engineers to perform general investigations related to the Cahaba River."

Dog River
Sen. Shelby said, "This bill provides $250,000 for Mobile's Dog River."

Village Creek, Jefferson County
Sen. Shelby said, "This legislation includes $250,000 for the Army Corps of Engineers to perform general investigations to Village Creek in Jefferson County."

Walter F. George Powerhouse, Dam, and Powerplant
Sen. Shelby said, "This legislation provides significant funding for improvements to the Walter F. George facility including $11.325 million for the powerhouse and dam, and $3 million for the powerplant. Additionally, $6.565 million is provided for the operations and maintenance of the lock and dam."

The Energy and Water Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2002 provides funds for a number of Alabama waterway projects. Sen. Shelby said, "The waterways of Alabama are an important part of our national inland waterway transportation system. They are an economic necessity for businesses in Alabama, and across the nation. Numerous industries depend on an efficient waterway infrastructure to transport goods. Adequate funding for operations and maintenance is critical in order to avoid interruptions to the river flow traffic."

Apalachicola, Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers - $8.173 million
Alabama - Coosa Comprehensive Water Study - $219,000
Alabama - Coosa River - $4.71 million
Bayou Coden - $500,000
Bayou La Batre - $200,000
Black Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers - $21.1 million
Bon Secour River - $20,000
Dauphin Island Bay - $600,000
Dog and Fowl Rivers - $450,000
Fly Creek - $200,000
Gulf Intracoastal Waterway - $5 million
Millers Ferry Lock and Dam, William Bill Dannelly Lake - $7.2 million
Mobile Harbor - $20.9 million
Perdido Pass Channel - $1 million
Robert F. Henry Lock and Dam - $5.6 million
Tennessee - Tombigbee Waterway - $23.8 million
Walter F. George Lock and Dam - $6.565 million
DELTA REGIONAL AUTHORITY Sen. Shelby said, "The Delta Regional Authority was established last year and funded with a $20,000,000 appropriation. This program established an eight state region of the country, including 16 counties in Alabama, eligible for additional transportation and infrastructure funding, as well as funds for economic development and skills training. This year's appropriations bill provides another $20 million for the Delta Regional Authority."