May 20 2009

Shelby Expresses Grave Concern with Possibility of Releasing Guantanamo Terrorists into the U.S.

Today’s Financial Times reports that the Guantanamo Task Force created by President Obama to review the legal status of terrorists is considering the release of two terrorists into the United States.

Senator Shelby has been concerned about the Task Forces created by Executive Orders 13491, 13492 and 13493, and their authority that could potentially result in and the release of terrorists into the United States and the investigation of U.S. officials who interrogated those terrorists.

“The detainees at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility are terrorists.  We should not let this Administration, or anyone else, threaten our national security by releasing them into the United States.  If this is even being considered, the decision to release these terrorists into our country is both reckless and clearly contrary to the will of the American people.”