Jan 24 2007

Senator Shelby Comments on the State of the Union

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) made the following comments in response to President Bush's State of the Union address:

“Tonight President Bush spoke to the American people in his seventh State of the Union address.  The President provided an accounting of the nation as well as an outline of his domestic and foreign policy agenda for the coming year.  The President's agenda is ambitious.  It is greeted by a very different Congress than in past years.  While I anticipate an uphill climb for the President's proposals, I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress and the administration to develop and debate the best policies for our nation.”

“Americans across the country continue to express their skepticism about the war in Iraq.  Like me, they want to know why we are there, if we're going to win and most importantly, when our troops are coming home.”

“Just over a week ago, the President addressed the nation about the ongoing violence in Iraq.  He outlined his proposal to increase the number of troops in Iraq and he touched on that topic again tonight.  I continue to believe that we must support our troops regardless of the circumstances.  It is essential that they have the best equipment, supplies, and leadership necessary to get the job done.  However, I have expressed my reservations about the President’s plan and will continue to question the President and our military leaders to make certain that we do everything we can to ensure that the Iraqi people take responsibility for their government and their country so that our men and women in uniform can return home."

“Once again, the President used his State of the Union address to advocate his immigration proposal.  However, what the President discussed tonight is no different from what he has proposed in previous Congresses.  Yet again, the President's proposal offers amnesty to illegal immigrants and I will not support any legislation that turns a blind eye and rewards illegal immigrants for breaking the law.  Amnesty will only serve to embolden those seeking to break our laws and come to the United States illegally in the future.  The American people deserve better.”

“The President's touched on many other worthy ideals in his speech tonight and I plan to fully examine the details of his proposals as they are presented to Congress.  It is my hope that the Congress can work in a bipartisan fashion to improve the state of this union.”