Nov 18 2005


Senate Approves FY 06 Transportation, Treasury, Judiciary, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill

WASHINGTON, D. C. -- U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), a senior member of the Transportation, Treasury, Judiciary, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Appropriations Subcommittee, today announced Conference Committee approval of important funding for several projects in the Montgomery area included in the Fiscal Year 2006 Transportation, Treasury, Judiciary, HUD Appropriations Bill. The bill passed the Senate and now heads to the President’s desk for his signature.

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased that the bill provides funding for important projects across the state. These funds reflect our commitment to safe and efficient transportation, infrastructure development, and economic growth activities.”

Montgomery Bus Stop, Shelters and Bus GPS tracking - $200,000

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased this bill includes funds for construction of bus stops and shelters, system-wide for the City of Montgomery Transit System. These funds will also be used for installation of a real-time Global Positioning System (GPS) for the City’s fleet. These improvements will provide travelers with a safer transportation system.”

Cabin Air Quality at Auburn University - $2 million

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased that funds are included for the “Center of Excellence” at Auburn University to examine cabin air quality and study chemical and biological threats in airliners. Auburn University has some of the finest scientists in the country, and their participation will be an important asset to this program. I am hopeful that Auburn will utilize many resources available to them in Alabama to best determine ways to detect and defeat chemical and biological threats. In our post September 11th world, must continue to study and protect against the many unknown threats that we may face.”

Greenville YMCA - $250,000

Senator Shelby said, “These funds will be used by the Greenville YMCA for construction of a child care facility. The Greenville YMCA continues to serve its community in a number of ways and a new child care facility will compliment their services.”

Hayneville/Lowndes County Public Library - $200,000

Senator Shelby said, “These funds will be used for preliminary construction of a new Hayneville/Lowndes County Library. The current facility is in disrepair, and a new facility would provide the community with much-needed educational and multi-media tools.”

Wilcox County Industrial Development - $200,000

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased we secured these important funds so that the Wilcox County Industrial Development Authority may continue development of an industrial park in the area. I am committed to providing resources that encourage economic development opportunities in our state.”

City of Tuskegee Economic Development- $300,000

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased this bill includes $300,000 for the City of Tuskegee for important economic development activities.”

Montgomery Riverwalk - $250,000

Senator Shelby said, “These funds will be used to develop a pedestrian riverwalk to compliment Montgomery’s downtown development project. I am pleased the bill included these funds to further revitalize Montgomery’s downtown area.”

Cleveland Avenue YMCA Expansion Project - $250,000

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased these funds have been included in this bill to expand the Cleveland Avenue YMCA’s services for area youth so they may have an access to a variety of cultural and educational programs.”

Southern Fuel Cell Coalition - $1.66 million

Senator Shelby said, “These funds will be used for the Southern Fuel Cell Coalition which will serve the Southeastern United States. The coalition will work to tackle the challenges and opportunities that face fuel cell development and hydrogen infrastructure in the South.”

Alabama Area Agencies on Aging - $200,000

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased this bill includes $200,000 for van replacement for the Alabama Area Agencies on Aging. These critical resources allow this agency to continue providing much needed transportation options for Alabama’s senior citizens.”

Delta Regional Transportation Development Program - $14.3 million

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased the bill includes $14.3 million for the Delta Region Transportation Development Program to provide federal funds for transportation infrastructure development projects in Delta Regional Authority designated counties. These funds will help facilitate multi-state transportation planning and corridor development for this impoverished area of the country. The link between transportation infrastructure and economic development is unmistakable. Establishing a transportation program specifically for the Delta Region is an integral step towards promoting economic development, raising the standard of living, and improving quality of life in this traditionally impoverished region.”

In addition, the bill provides funding for the following projects included in SAFETEA-LU, the Highway and Transit Reauthorization Bill.

•City of Montgomery Intelligence Transportation System (ITS) - $916,000

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased these funds are being made available for an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in Montgomery. These funds will be used to upgrade traffic monitoring systems, including traffic light improvements and installation of additional camera systems to monitor high traffic areas particularly during emergency situations.”

•Montgomery Airport Intermodal Center - $916,000

Senator Shelby said, “This project is extremely important to the Montgomery Airport as the airport continues to expand. This facility will serve as a hub for park and ride patrons, bus, air and private transportation.”

•Auburn Intermodal Facility - $916,000

Senator Shelby said, “This important intermodal facility will help meet the needs of the growing Auburn University community. Constructing this facility on Auburn’s campus will help the University move towards its goal of becoming a more pedestrian-friendly campus.”

•Interstate 85 Extension - $20 million

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased that this legislation includes critical funding for planning, engineering, design and construction of the East-West highway corridor stretching from Montgomery to Cuba, AL. The extension of I-85 in this area will bring significant economic development and new opportunities to a region of the state that has not yet reached its potential.”

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