Oct 29 2015

Shelby Ahead of Budget Vote: Americans Deserve Better Than A Last Minute, Flawed Budget Deal

WASHINGTON, DC – Thursday, October 29, 2015 – U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) today delivered remarks on the Senate floor ahead of the vote on the two-year budget agreement. 
Senator Shelby’s full remarks, as prepared, are below.
“Mr. President, I rise today in strong opposition to the two-year budget agreement before the Senate today.
“This so-called budget 'deal' was negotiated at the last minute and is now being rushed through Congress with inadequate time for proper scrutiny.
“While the devil is typically in the details when Congress negotiates these eleventh hour deals, the flaws in this agreement are evident from merely taking a glance at what is in it.
“This budget agreement would increase the current Budget Control Act spending caps, which were enacted in 2011 in an effort to restrain Washington spending, by approximately $80 billion over the next two years.
“On top of raising the caps by $80 billion, this deal also adds $32 billion in additional spending – totaling $112 billion in new spending over two years.  
“Not only would this agreement allow for increased spending, but it would also raise the debt ceiling through March 2017, adding an estimated $1.5 trillion of borrowing.
“President Obama has continually called for more government spending and a blank check to raise our nation’s debt limit with no corresponding reforms or spending cuts. 
“The deal before us today represents a victory for President Obama and his liberal allies – not for the American people.
“As long as Washington continues to spend far beyond its means and remain on the same unsustainable fiscal path, our economy will suffer. 
“While I believe that we should safeguard the full faith and credit of the United States, I also believe that we should do so in a manner that puts our nation on a more responsible fiscal path.
“We cannot continue to raise the debt limit without taking responsible steps to tackle the underlying problem facing our nation: wasteful government spending.
“Taking on more debt to facilitate more government spending is not the answer, and is simply unacceptable.
“Mr. President, hardworking Americans in Alabama and across the country are looking for Washington to have serious conversations about how to tackle our skyrocketing $18 trillion debt. 
“Instead, this deal continues the never-ending cycle of bad policies that grow our bloated government, impede job growth, and perpetuate our stagnant recovery. 
“Mr. President, our constituents deserve better than a last minute, flawed budget deal that only exacerbates our nation’s debt crisis.
“There is absolutely no excuse for continuing to increase our nation’s debt that will fall on the backs of future generations – our children and grandchildren.
“Americans are frustrated that Congress continues to push policies that empower Washington instead of the people of this great country, and this deal is more of the same.
“That is why I adamantly oppose this budget deal, and will continue to fight for a smaller, more effective government that puts the American people first.
“Thank you, Mr. President. I yield the floor.”