Sep 02 2005


WASHINGTON, D. C. -- U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) made the following statement regarding President Bush’s visit to Mobile, Alabama to discuss the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and efforts of the federal government to come to the aid of our communities.

“I believe that today’s visit by President Bush to Alabama provided him a closer view of the impact that Hurricane Katrina had on South Alabama. This was an important opportunity for us to clearly explain the destruction that this storm had on many communities in this region of the state. Further, President Bush continued to reiterate that hurricane stricken communities have the full support of the federal government as we recover and rebuild following this storm.”

“I was also extremely pleased that the Congress acted quickly to pass an initial relief package to assist in the recovery effort following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Having toured the damage earlier this week in Alabama and seeing the news coverage of the incomprehensible destruction in Louisiana and Mississippi, these funds will serve a necessary need in these critical, early days of rescue and recovery.”

“I also expect that once we have had the opportunity to fully assess the extent of the damage caused by the hurricane, Congress will consider another emergency relief package. I will work closely with my Senate colleagues to craft legislation that ensures communities across Alabama and the Gulf Coast have the resources and support to recover and rebuild following this devastating storm.”

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