Apr 02 2001


Statement of Senator Richard C. Shelby

 "The McCain-Feingold bill not only violates the letter of the First Amendment, but it carves out the heart and soul of its protections. The bill promises less--not greater--freedom to all Americans and that makes it wrong, plain and simple."

"The First Amendment is not a loophole. It is a clear and explicit protection of every American's right to criticize their elected officials."

"I have said that I believe the best way we can achieve reform of our campaign system is to fully disclose all political contributions and spending. Such reform increases the transparency of campaign financing without limiting political speech. Knowledge of candidates and contributions allows voters to make educated decisions. Transparency _ sunshine - is the surest way to address our concerns about corruption. Corruption, or even the perception thereof, cannot stand the light of day - because the people will not stand it."

Read the Text of S.27, the Campaign Finance Reform Bill