Feb 05 2020

Shelby: Senate Votes to Acquit President Trump

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) today released the following statement regarding the votes to acquit President Donald Trump:
“Today I joined the majority of my Senate colleagues in justly voting to acquit the President of both impeachment charges.  Throughout this process, I had the opportunity to hear arguments from the House managers and the President’s counsel, review the presented evidence, and study relevant portions of the Constitution.  After several days of deliberation, I believe that neither charge constitutes an impeachable offense as defined by our Framers.  The House managers’ case was nothing more than an abuse of the power of impeachment itself.  For the sake of the American people, it is time to put this behind us and move on.  I look forward to getting back to our legislative duties for the good of our country.”
Following nearly three weeks of impeachment proceedings in the Senate, the motion to convict the President on Article I, Abuse of Power, failed by a vote of 48-52, and the motion to convict the President on Article II, Obstruction of Congress, failed by a vote of 47-53.  Two-thirds of senators present and voting is required to convict a President on articles of impeachment.