May 15 2018

Shelby Chairs Hearing on U.S. Army Budget Request

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and its Subcommittee on Defense, today conducted a subcommittee hearing to review the Fiscal Year 2019 funding request and budget justification for the U.S. Army. The Honorable Dr. Mark T. Esper, Secretary of the Army, and General Mike A. Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army, testified before the Subcommittee.

During the hearing, Senator Shelby questioned Secretary Esper and General Milley on the Army’s modernization priorities and strategy, including Army Futures Command. The witnesses also provided an update on security forces and operations in Afghanistan.

 Senator Shelby concluded his questions by asking Secretary Esper and General Milley to discuss the Army’s continued modernization of its Stryker Brigade Combat Teams, pointing out that adequate resourcing is critical to enabling the Army to fight and win.

Senator Shelby’s opening remarks, as prepared, are below.

"Good morning, the Subcommittee will come to order.

 “I am pleased to welcome Secretary Esper and General Milley to the committee for an update on Army operations and a review of the fiscal year 2019 budget request.

“The Army is seeking $182.1 billion in its current request, which is an increase of about $5 billion over amounts appropriated for fiscal year 2018.  With this budget request, the Army will continue to build readiness and counter threats posed by near-peer competitors while modernizing in order to face future threats.

“We acknowledge the challenging assignment you face to source an increasing demand for forces today while also modernizing to compete with more technically capable adversaries.

“Gentlemen, we appreciate your service and look forward to working with you during the appropriations process to meet the needs of the Army in today’s complex strategic environment.

“Now I turn to the Vice Chairman, Senator Durbin, for his opening remarks.  Thank you.”