Jul 12 2001


Bill Allows Congress to Review Agency Regulations

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee has passed legislation that would provide $5,200,000 for the General Accounting Office, at the request of Congress, to review agency regulations. The Truth in Regulating Act, introduced by Senator Shelby and passed by the U. S. Senate in 2000, allows Committee Chairmen or Ranking Members to request an analysis of agency regulations in order to determine whether the most cost-effective, common sense means to implement laws have been used. Funding to carry out Sen. Shelby's Truth in Regulating Act was included in the Legislative Branch Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2002.

Sen. Shelby said, "Over the last thirty years, the impact of regulations on America has grown immensely. Compliance with regulations costs the economy billions of dollars annually as taxpayers struggle to comply with the burdensome requirements placed on them by Washington. Unfortunately, without funding for GAO to carryout the Truth in Regulating Act, there is no system of`checks and balances' for oversight of government regulations. Executive Branch bureaucrats dominate the process and the people who are ultimately impacted by these regulations do not have a voice in the process."

"I believe that Congress, as the branch of government most accountable to voters, must be involved in the review of agency regulations. We need to ensure that regulations are effective, cost-efficient and necessary, and Congressional review is the best vehicle to achieve this goal."

The bill will now be sent to the full Senate for approval.