Jul 15 2010

Shelby Announces CDP Funding

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R Ala.), a member of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, announced committee approval of the fiscal year 2011 Homeland Security Appropriations bill.  Following today’s action by the committee, the bill will now go to the Senate floor for consideration. 
Center For Domestic Preparedness   $62.5 Million
The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) in Anniston is the only civilian live agent training facility in the United States. It serves as the crucial link for advanced Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) response training for our nation’s first responders. Funding for the center will allow it to maximize its capacity to train the nation’s first responders.  Funds will prepare mobile training teams, enhance training realism by incorporating high resolution computer simulations into training courses, establish and support extension programs, develop and deliver new WMD courses, and increase responder outreach through fielding of comprehensive distributed learning programs, courses, and sustainment training. The funding request also recognizes the integration of the Noble Training Center into the CDP.

"Since the September 11, 2001, attacks on our country, the importance of retaining skilled first responders has become increasingly evident.  The Center for Domestic Preparedness provides the necessary training for professionals to rapidly respond and react to terrorist attacks or natural disasters," said Shelby.

"The CDP is the cornerstone of our nation's emergency responder training facilities,” said Shelby.  “The $62.5 million provided in this bill will ensure that our nation’s first responders can continue to train at the only civilian live-agent facility in the country.  This funding will allow CDP to maintain its training capacity for first responders so that we respond to terrorist attacks quickly and effectively.  These first responders include law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel who are trained by CDP to prevent and respond to incidents of terrorism."