Mar 13 2002


Sen. Shelby encourages constituents to contact via e-mail, fax or phone

WASHINGTON, D. C.--- Due to heightened security restrictions in the Hart Senate office building and elsewhere on the Capitol complex, mail addressed to members of Congress continues to be significantly delayed. House and Senate officials have decided to continue these increased restrictions to safeguard members of Congress, staff and capitol workers from exposure to anthrax or another biological agent. The measures were also put in place to protect House, Senate and U. S. Capitol buildings from the type of contamination which shut down the Hart Senate office building until January 22nd of this year. Mail addressed to Sen. Shelby and other members of Congress must now be sent off-site for irradiation treatment and other preventive measures to ensure safety.

Those wishing to quickly contact Senator Shelby’s office are encouraged to correspond by telephone, fax or email. To contact Sen. Shelby’s office in D. C., please call at (202) 224-5744. To reach by fax, please call at (202) 224-3416. In addition, the office has recently undergone a significant software upgrade to its e-mail system, which will allow for a faster response to constituent concerns. Sen. Shelby’s email address is or access on the web at Constituents may also contact their local state office, which can be found at