Jan 31 2011

Final WTO Report Rules Boeing Received Prohibited Subsidies

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), a senior member of the Defense Appropriations Committee, today issued a statement regarding the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) final ruling on the trade dispute regarding subsidies for aerospace development.  Based on the confidential report and the limited details released, the WTO confirmed that Boeing had received illegal subsides for aircraft development.

“The WTO’s ruling unquestionably states that Boeing received significant government subsides prohibited by the WTO.  Today’s decision should end Boeing supporters’ attempt to derail the tanker competition by arguing that the trade dispute is one-sided.  In fact, the ruling shows that Boeing received at least $5 billion in illegal aid and has never repaid these funds to the US taxpayer.   As I have said many times before, we must not allow the WTO rulings or political motivation delay the tanker award.  Moving forward, the competition to replace our aging tanker fleet should continue, unimpeded.”