Jun 07 2007

Shelby: Passport Backlog is a Disgrace

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) today contacted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to express his dissatisfaction with the Department of State’s handling of passports.  In 2006, the Department of State announced new regulations that require a passport for air travel anywhere outside of the United States, including Canada and Mexico.  Due to those regulations, Senator Shelby’s office has received a significant increase in the number of passport assistance requests. 
“I am greatly concerned that the State Department did not recognize and prepare to process the new demand for passports before implementing such major changes,” said Shelby.  “It is unacceptable that people who correctly follow the timeline and guidelines for passport applications still do not receive them in time for their travel.  The State Department must take immediate action to address the passport backlog, and I intend to continue to closely follow this situation until it is rectified.”