Jul 20 2006


U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), a senior member of the Transportation, Treasury, Judiciary, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Appropriations Subcommittee, today announced funding for several projects in the Montgomery area included in the fiscal year 2007 Transportation, Treasury, Judiciary, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill. This bill was approved by the committee and will now go to the Senate floor for consideration.


“This bill provides funding for important projects across the state,” said Senator Shelby. “These funds reflect our commitment to safe and efficient transportation, infrastructure development, and economic growth activities throughout Alabama.”


Montgomery Outer Loop - $3 million

“The Montgomery Outer Loop will serve as a southern bypass of Montgomery and will greatly decrease congestion through Montgomery,” said Senator Shelby. “The project will also open a larger part of the county to development and serve as an important connecter to the I-85 extension proposed through West Alabama. With the completion of the Hyundai facility and the announcement of the new Kia plant in West Georgia, truck traffic on I-85 is expected to significantly increase. The Outer Loop will be a more efficient and safer route for the trucks to travel.”


Franklin Field Airport Development – $4 million

“Franklin Field will acquire land, design and construct a runway extension, and renovate their airport,” said Senator Shelby. “Local airports serve as an important development tool for our state’s smaller, rural communities and we must continue to expand and upgrade them to serve the growing demand.”

Alabama Association of Area Agencies on Aging– $1 million

“Many of our state’s seniors are without the resources necessary to drive to their medical visits, the grocery store, or to see family and friends,” said Senator Shelby. “The Alabama Association of Area Agencies on Aging provides the essential service of helping Alabama’s elderly get where they need to go.”


Delta Regional Transportation Development Program - $20 million

Senator Shelby said, “The Delta Region Transportation Development Program provides federal funds for transportation infrastructure development projects in Delta Regional Authority designated counties. These funds will help facilitate multi-state transportation planning and corridor development for this impoverished area of the country. The link between transportation infrastructure and economic development is unmistakable. Establishing a transportation program specifically for the Delta Region is an integral step towards promoting economic development, raising the standard of living, and improving quality of life in this traditionally impoverished region.”


In addition, the bill provides funding for the following projects included in SAFETEA-LU, the Highway and Transit Reauthorization Bill.


City of Montgomery Intelligence Transportation System (ITS) - $952,000

Senator Shelby said, “I am pleased these funds are being made available for an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in Montgomery. These funds will be used to upgrade traffic monitoring systems, including traffic light improvements and installation of additional camera systems to monitor high traffic areas particularly during emergency situations.”


Montgomery Airport Intermodal Center - $952,000

Senator Shelby said, “This project is extremely important to the Montgomery Airport as the airport continues to expand. This facility will serve as a hub for park and ride patrons, bus, air and private transportation.”


Interstate 85 Extension - $22.5 million

Senator Shelby said, “This legislation includes critical funding for planning, engineering, design and construction of the East-West highway corridor stretching from Montgomery to Cuba, AL. The extension of I-85 in this area will bring significant economic development and new opportunities to a region of the state that has not yet reached its potential.”