Dec 05 2008

Shelby: Missile Defense Testing Succeeds Again

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) today applauded the Missile Defense Agency’s successful completion of an important missile defense exercise and flight test designed to protect the United States against a limited long-range ballistic missile attack. The flight test results will further refine the performance of numerous Ballistic Missile Defense System elements able to defend our nation from long-range ballistic missiles. The Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, the central element of the Missile Defense Agency's overall layered ballistic missile defense architecture and today's test, is managed in Huntsville, Alabama.

“I am proud that today’s test of our ballistic missile defense system appears to have been a success,” said Shelby.  “The Ground-based Midcourse Defense work conducted in north Alabama furthers our efforts to protect the U.S. and our allies from rogue and unpredictable nations who seek to do us harm and is absolutely critical to our safety and security.  Given the increasingly dangerous world we live in, I will continue to advocate for missile defense to deter and defend against our enemies.”