Requesting Tickets for the 2021 Presidential Inauguration

Thank you for your interest in attending the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. The ceremony is scheduled for January 20, 2021. Tickets are free to the public and not intended for sale. Due to the limited number of tickets each Congressional office receives, there are limited tickets available per household. Please note: submitting this form is a request only and does not guarantee tickets.

Alabamians will be given priority for the limited number of tickets that will be made available. 

Tickets to the event are REQUIRED for every person, including children and infants. Full names must be provided on the request form; make sure to include yourself (or the requesting individual) on the request form. Historically, the vast majority of tickets are standing-room only. Please provide an email address that is functional and regularly checked as this will be the primary method of communication with you regarding your ticket distribution.

Please do not submit duplicate requests to the Alabama congressional offices. Multiple submissions will not improve your chances for tickets and may result in difficulty in fulfilling your request.

In closing, the Senate Rules Committee is closely monitoring COVID-19’s potential impact on the Inauguration. 

2021 Presidential Inauguration

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Please list the full name of each person requesting a ticket for the inauguration ceremony. A ticket will be required for every adult and child.