Foreign Policy

Our nation faces many serious foreign policy challenges – challenges that do not offer simple solutions, but will undoubtedly shape America’s role in an uncertain world.  As we face potential threats to our national security from actors such as China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and ISIS, Americans must be able to count on strong, wise, and effective leadership in addressing these problems with the goal of preventing situations which will lead to serious conflict.  We must also remain cognizant of the very real threats faced by our allies such as Israel, South Korea, and NATO member states, and continue to appropriately support our longtime allies and commitments. 

While we cannot and should not police the globe, I believe that American leadership provides an opportunity to promote and protect our ideas and ideals that have advanced freedom and prosperity across the world.  While I believe it is in our national interest to provide foreign assistance to deserving countries, there is no greater priority for me than the welfare and safety of American citizens both at home and abroad.  Whether for humanitarian, diplomatic, or national security purposes, properly administered foreign aid programs, with appropriate oversight, can have a tremendous impact on communities across the globe.  Strong American leadership on the international stage can positively affect issues like religious freedom, human trafficking, global health, and the spread of democracy worldwide. 

As the Senate continually debates U.S. posture and policy in international affairs, I will remain steadfast in my belief that our overriding objective should be to wisely allocate U.S. taxpayer dollars and ensure the safety and security of American citizens.