Jan 13 2017

Yellowhammer News: Shelby on Ben Carson’s nomination to HUD, says he will ‘make a difference’

On Thursday, former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson faced the Senate Banking Committee, seeking approval for the top position at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Expectedly, the nominee faced intense questioning from liberal lawmakers like Elizabeth Warren (D- Mass.), though Carson received glowing support from Alabama’s Richard Shelby.i

According to Senator Shelby, Carson stands out among past HUD nominees for his apparent desire to help improve the condition of impoverished families.

“We appreciate you, and we appreciate what you are and what you stand for. What you’ve done, and what you could do in the housing area,” Sen. Shelby told Carson.

During the hearing, Carson proposed a “listening tour” to help identify the problems that real families struggle with under the agency. Shelby praised the idea, telling the nominee he is “wise” to consider solutions outside of government bureaucracy.

“You can learn things, because all the wisdom is not here at HUD. There’s some there, because you referenced that earlier. There’s experience there. But housing goes to the very essence of a family,” Shelby said.

“This is my 31st year on this committee, and I’ve seen a lot of HUD secretaries come and go. You can make a difference, and I believe you are taking that job to make a difference,” he added.

When Trump announced Carson’s nomination in December, he emphasized the need to provide more opportunities for families under HUD’s umbrella.

“Ben Carson has a brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities and families within those communities,” Mr. Trump said at the time. “We have talked at length about my urban renewal agenda and our message of economic revival, very much including our inner cities.”

“Ben shares my optimism about the future of our country and is part of ensuring that this is a presidency representing all Americans,” he added.