Apr 01 2009

St. Clair County’s Zerometh campaign receives state funding

Staff Report

With help from Senator Richard Shelby, Congressman Artur Davis Congressman Jo Bonner and the rest of the Alabama Congressional delegation, Alabama’s District Attorneys have received $1.5 million dollars to continue the award winning Zerometh awareness campaign against methamphetamine.

The campaign utilizes graphic TV commercials, outdoor billboards and documentary style DVD’s to portray the cold reality of meth use to Alabama’s teens.

The goal of the program is to raise awareness by highlighting meth’s addictive effects and the criminal lifestyle surrounding those that become involved with the drug.

With this appropriation, the Alabama District Attorney Association will be able to continue this life-saving public service campaign for all Alabamians.

ADAA Director Randy Hillman says “with the help we have received from Senator Shelby, Congressmen Bonner and Davis, and the entire delegation we have been able to make an instant impact in young people’s lives. Furthermore, it should be noted that our delegation has been ahead of the curve when it comes to meth prevention. We are one of only a few states with a statewide Meth Awareness Campaign. The response has been overwhelming and I think kids are beginning to understa what this drug is all about. With state budgets dwindling, law enforcement and prosecutors across this state owe our entire delegation a debt of gratitude.”

The website, ZEROMETH.com, has garnered over 50,000 page views since the launch in February 2008 and has been seen by visitors in 47 states and 17 countries worldwide.

There are over 600,000 pages on the internet referencing ZEROMETH.

Additionally, the campaign just recently tied for top national honors at the AICE Editing Awards for TV Public Service Announcements in New York City.

The publicity and attention is exactly what ADAA president and Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall envisioned. “We are very pleased with how the multi-media effort has reached teens in our county and around the state. The website has been filled with testimonials, praise and offers of assistance,” states Marshall. “We have expanded our efforts to the local community and high schools with the recent release of the ZEROMETH DVD and a printed brochure filled with meth facts and information. The DVD has been distributed to each and every public middle and high school in Alabama.

“Interviews were conducted around the state with meth users, law enforcement officials, physicians and even current inmates at Alabama prisons.

“Everything we can do to demonstrate the horrific dangers of meth use was utilized for these new pieces. It has been extremely effective. Every Alabamian will benefit from this campaign. Our delegation has worked tirelessly on this issue and they deserve a large portion of the credit for ZEROMETH’s success.”

Please visit ZEROMETH.com for more information.