Feb 10 2007

Senator Shelby Talks to Constituents


U.S. Senator Richard Shelby was back in his homestate of Alabama today making several stops meeting with his constituents.

Since heading to Washington, first as a Representative in 1979 and now as a Senator, Richard Shelby has never left Alabamians behind. And one way that he tries to prove that is by coming home.

"I think it's very important to come home, to go to every county in the state every year to let the people know that they have access to me, but more than that, as a U.S. Senator to listen to the people and see what's on their minds," said Shelby.

A year never passes that Shelby does not venture to each of Alabama's 67 counties. His visit to Choctaw County, like all the others, includes a time when citizens can bring up any concern and know that they have the full attention of someone who can make a difference.

"We covered a lot of topics--federal and local topics. But just about everything we do in Washington affects the people back home in some way. And I think it is healthy to do this, I like to do it and the people obviously seem to want you to do it," said Shelby.

Senator Shelby has made more than 1300 county visits since making the move from state to federal politics.