Nov 03 2006

Funds Earmarked for Four-Lane Project

ABC 11- West Alabama

According to Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration will release $855,050 to widen an existing portion of U.S. 80 to four lanes.

U.S. 80 from County Road 17 in Sumter County, Ala., to County Road 71 in Marengo County will become four lanes through the construction of new lanes and bridges parallel to the existing lanes.

Shelby called U.S. 80 a major east-west corridor through west Alabama that places significant pressure on our transportation infrastructure.

“Increased traffic congestion slows travel and clogs roads, leading to increased accidents and lengthened travel time," Shelby said. "This funding will ease traffic congestion by expanding Highway 80 to four lanes between Interstate 20/59 and Demopolis."

This construction, one of four projects to complete the four-laning, will include grade, drain, base, pave and bridge work.

The funding will allow the expansion of 7.31 miles of the 22.5 miles that will be developed by the completion of all four projects.