Dec 27 2016

Yellowhammer News: Shelby slams Obama administration for ‘turning its back’ on Israel

Before the Christmas holiday, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) called out the Obama Administration for its decision to abstain from a key United Nations vote on Israel, calling the move “reckless”.i

The resolution was passed by the UN Security Council last Friday and condemned Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank. Initially put forward on Thursday, Egypt withdrew the measure on Thursday due to pressure from Israel and President-Elect Donald Trump. However, the measure was reintroduced by four different nations the next day, and the United States’ abstention was seen as a slap in the face to its key Middle-Eastern ally.

“The Obama Administration’s reckless decision to turn its back on our friend and ally contradicts the United States’ longstanding support of Israel. Once again, President Obama’s foreign policy actions harm our allies and embolden our enemies,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “The end of this presidency could not come soon enough for the American people and our partners around the world.”

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the United States has veto power over all resolutions. In this instance, the U.S. refused to exercise that power.

After the vote, the President-Elect attacked the UN in a series of pointed tweets.