Sep 12 2006

Shelby: Money for Birmingham mass transit facility released

Birmingham Business Journal

The U.S. Department of Transportation will release almost $3.4 million to the city of Birmingham for its intermodal facility, Sen. Richard Shelby announced Monday.

The funding will be applied to Phase II of the project, expanding the Morris Avenue bus transfer facility in downtown Birmingham. Once completed, this service will accommodate various modes of transportation, including local public transit, intercity bus, intercity train, hotel and airport shuttles, bicycle, taxi, passenger car, and van pool services.

Shelby, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, called the move "imperative" for improving the city's public transportation system.

"As the population of the Birmingham metropolitan area has expanded, inadequate public transportation options and lengthy commutes have had an impact on productivity. Upon completion, Phase II will transform the current facility into a fully integrated multi-modal center," Shelby said in a news release.