May 18 2007

Alabama's delegation further defined in war-related votes

Birmingham News

There have been a few votes in the last 24 hours on amendments dealing with the war, further defining where Alabama's congressional delegation stands.

The House considered an amendment to the defense bill Wednesday that would have required Congress to give its authorization before taking military action against Iran, and all seven members of the state delegation voted against it. It was rejected, 136-288.

Another amendment would have not allowed money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to go toward planning military action against Iran. Only Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham, voted for the amendment, which was defeated 202-216.

On the Senate side, an amendment to a water resources bill would have required American troops to start leaving Iraq within four months and be completely out by March 2008. It was defeated 29-67, with both Alabama senators voting no.

Another amendment would have set several benchmarks for the Iraqi government to meet in order to continue receiving American support. The amendment was able to only get 52 of the 60 votes necessary to be brought up for debate, and Sens. Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions yes.