May 02 2007

Alabama Senator Reacts to Presidential Veto


Just hours after receiving the Democrats' Iraq pullout bill, President Bush vetoed it. "It makes no sense to tell enemy when you plan to start withdrawing."

Fellow Republican, Senator Richard Shelby agrees. He says, if the U.S. sets a timeline, it would send a message of surrender. "One thing you have to remember, we haven't lost on the battlefield. To undermined the morale of the troops, has deep and far reaching repercussions," says Shelby.

Democrats don't have the votes to override the president's veto. Sen. Shelby says now lawmakers and the president will have to work on some sort of compromise. "I think there is room to talk about this," he says.

"If the president thinks by vetoing this bill he'll stop us from working to change the direction of the war in Iraq, he is mistaken," said Senator Harry Reid.

It was four years ago Bush declared success in Iraq.  Representative Carol Shea-Porter said, "We're not even sure what the mission is anymore."

Shelby says, "I think the message is and should be for our troops, we support you, you're in harms way and we want you to succeed." 

Shelby says the U.S. had great success four years when the military first invaded Iraq. He says the U.S. should have pulled out then, but feels now the military needs to be given a chance to get a stable government in place.

We attempted to contact Democrat Congressman Arturo Davis for a response. So far, we have been unable to reach him.