Jan 28 2011

WKRG: Shelby Blasts Claims Facility


U.S. Senator Richard Shelby testified before a senate sub-committee about his concerns regarding the gulf coast claims facility.

He says 57 percent of Alabama claims remain unpaid. To prove his point he told the panel "from January 12 to January 24 in Baldwin County, the hardest hit region in Alabama, only 28 claims were processed. That is less than 3 claims a day."

"I'm glad to see him standing up and pushing back. We certainly need better performance than we've been getting. Gulf Shores Mayor Robert Craft believes any change in the system will have to come from Washington.

"I don't think they're going to listen to us. It's been proven that they don't."

Shelby met with Feinberg in November and December. He testified, "On December 16th, Mr. Feinberg told me the formula for claim payments would be made publicly available on the gulf coast claims facility website. Six weeks later, this information is still not available. This is unacceptable. "

Shelby's concerns remain in the way the Gulf Coast Claims Facility operates and urged his colleagues to remember his home state. "The damages caused by the oil spill could last years. Our residents and businesses are severely hurting and we need a commitment by all stakeholders to the gulf coast's full recovery. In particular, it is my expectation that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility will uphold and follow through on its obligation to the people of the gulf coast."