Nov 19 2010

WKRG: Senators Meet With Feinberg


Kenneth Feinberg met with U.S. Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions behind closed doors. Ninety minutes later, they emerged.

"I've learned over the years that it is wise to listen to Senator Shelby and Senator Sessions", Feinburg told reporters.

Senator Shelby also had compliments for Feinberg referring to his sterling reputation. But, both senators made it clear that the claims process Feinberg oversees isn't working. Shelby said,"People are frustrated with the claims process. They're trying to get the businesses through the winter, and we voiced this to Ken. We think the payment system has got to change."

"What we're saying is that we've got people in crisis now..that need help now", said Sessions.

Feinberg says he plans on developing a task force that will come to Alabama shortly after Thanksgiving. "My accountants, my meet with business accountants in Alabama to go over these claims to make sure that if they are adequately documented and if it can be demonstrated clearly that they are entitled...I will bend over backwards to pay these businesses", said Feinberg.

He also reminded the senators that businesses don't have to waive their rights to sue in order to receive money they're entitled.