Oct 22 2009

Shelby Statement on DoD Authorization Bill

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), today made the following statement after voting against cloture on the fiscal year 2010 Defense Authorization bill. 

“I am disappointed that the Majority has forced my hand in voting against cloture on the Defense Authorization bill by adding extraneous provisions such as hate crimes legislation,” said Shelby.  “Hate crimes legislation would set up different classes of people for special protection under the law – a clear violation of the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause - and impose an impossibly subjective standard in attempting to assess a criminal's motives.  The proper place for us to consider hate crimes legislation is in open debate on the Senate floor, not tucked away by the Congressional leadership in legislation that we must enact in order to properly support our armed forces.  We must be tough on all criminals, regardless of their motives.  We should not play politics with legislation affecting our warfighters.”