Aug 05 2008

Birmingham allocated $23M in federal funds for transportation hub

Alabama Business Journal

By Jimmy DeButts

Birmingham has been allocated $23 million of federal funding to develop the city's future transportation hub.

The intermodal facility on Morris Avenue will serve as the city's hub for taxi, train and bus services. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham, said he earmarked more than $7.4 million in federal funds for the transportation project in the past six years.

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford said the city now has enough money to move the project forward. Langford said requests for bids are expected to go out within 60 days. The project is scheduled for completion within 36 months.

"This is a great first step towards revamping and revitalizing mass transit in Birmingham," Langford said.

The project has been funded from multiple accounts with the initial financing, approximately $9.8 million, coming from the Transportation Equity Act, according to a news release. U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby, R- Ala., directed $6.6 million to the intermodel facility from the 2006-2009 budgets.