Jul 09 2008

Shelby Announces Transportation Funding for North Alabama

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), a senior member of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Subcommittee, today announced funding for several projects in North Alabama included in the fiscal year 2009 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill.  Following today’s action by the subcommittee, the legislation will now go to the full Appropriations Committee for consideration.

Marshall County Vehicle Replacement for Seniors and the Mentally Disabled - $300,000

The Association for Retarded Citizens and the Council on Aging will use this funding to transport the elderly and mentally handicapped to and from their centers.

“While Marshall County is a growing retirement area, it is also mountainous and can be dangerous to drive around,” said Shelby.  “It is important that the elderly and handicapped have access to safe transportation to and from the programs that they enjoy.”

Alabama Senior Transportation Program - $1 Million

Many seniors no longer drive and have little access to public transportation.  As gas prices rise and the need for efficient transportation grows, Alabama’s elderly population increasingly needs assistance in going from one place to the next.

“Many of our state’s seniors are without the resources necessary to drive to their medical visits, the grocery store or to see family and friends,” said Shelby.  “This program provides the essential service of helping Alabama’s elderly get where they need to go.”

In addition, the bill provides funding for the following projects included in Safe, Accountable, Flexible and Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), the Highway and Transit Reauthorization Bill:

Cummings Research Park Intermodal Center - $1.372 Million

These funds will be used to construct an Intermodal facility in Cummings Research Park.

“The Intermodal Center at Cummings Research Park is a necessary addition to meet the needs of this new research park,” said Shelby.  “The Center will integrate multiple modes of transportation, serve as a regional transit transfer facility and address traffic safety issues in and around the research park.”

University of Alabama in Huntsville Intermodal Facility - $1.646 Million

UAH will use this funding to construct an Intermodal facility on campus. 

“The southern part of UAH’s campus continues to grow,” said Shelby.  “Additional space is integral to accommodate the needs of the students and researchers who will use the new campus research facilities.”

University of Alabama in Huntsville Transportation, Infrastructure and Logistics Research - $500,000

These funds will enhance UAH’s office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Logistics work on assessing and improving transportation logistics in the state of Alabama.

“The Transportation, Infrastructure and Logistics Research office works to increase economic growth in Alabama by identifying and supporting the development of infrastructure in the state,” said Shelby.  “A strong infrastructure is a critical component of a community’s ability to attract new businesses and jobs.  This project’s efforts will contribute to the long-term economic growth of our state.”

U.S. Space and Rocket Center Tramway Extension - $274,000

The Space and Rocket Center will use this funding to extend the tramway at the Center in Huntsville. 

“The tramway at the Space and Rocket Center will connect the botanical gardens to the museum complex, allowing tourists convenient access to both attractions,” said Shelby. 

City of Gadsden Community Buses - $137,000

This funding will be used for improvements to the City of Gadsden’s bus system.

“As more and more Alabamians grow concerned with the rising cost of gasoline, public transportation is an increasingly important resource,” said Shelby.  “Buses are an effective way to save money and still travel quickly and conveniently.  This funding will allow Gadsden residents to rely on their public transportation system.”